Tekno-Medical has a wide range of equipment for all areas of modern endoscopy. Precise control technology and at the same time the simple, intuitive operation of all components characterize the devices of the brand TEKNO ® .


The product range of Tekno-Medical includes a wide range of optics for all areas of endoscopic surgery. All rigid optics from Tekno-Medical are technically designed for use with state-of-the-art Full HD cameras. All Tekno-Medical optics can be autoclaved at 134 ° C, with a few exceptions.


With a full range of laparoscopic equipment and instruments, Tekno-Medical has become a major supplier to the largest field of endoscopy. The strength of Tekno-Medical is its own production. Individual adjustments to the special needs of the surgeon or the respective application are possible as well as new designs according to customer specifications.


For the field of endoscopic thorax surgery Tekno-Medical provides the user with a range of specially developed instruments.


This important area of ​​endoscopy is completely covered by a comprehensive range of Tekno-Medical products. Well-known but also new and advanced instruments form the basis for short operating times and less strain on the patient.


Diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy is today a daily medical routine. Instruments and devices from Tekno-Medical help physicians with all types of gynecological interventions, with the precision of instrumentation as important as the quality of image transfer to the surgeon's screen. Optics and cameras from Tekno-Medical contribute to this.


Healthy joints guarantee the mobility of the human body. Tekno-Medical instruments and devices help to maintain or restore full function of the joints. All instruments are adapted to the increasing demands of modern surgical technique. Devices such as irrigation pumps, shavers, etc. support the surgeon in his work.


The endoscopic sinus copy requires particularly graceful yet robust instruments. At Tekno-Medical, users will find instruments in exactly that combination that meet their needs.

Mini & micro systems for MIC

These extremely slender and delicate Tekno-Medical instruments are extremely accurate. The small diameter significantly reduces the post-operative scarring.

Surgical equipment

Mechanical operating tables

High flexibility, without dependence on a source of energy. All settings for the perfect positioning of the patients are made mechanically.

Electro-hydraulic operating tables

The height adjustment and the inclination of the table tops are electro-hydraulically via cable remote control. Battery and drive are located in the central column.

Electric operating tables

All electric drives are precisely controlled by a remote control, optional, the basic functions can also be accessed by pedal.

Accessories operating tables

With a wide range of different accessories, all Tekno-Medical OR tables can be individually adapted to all requirements.

Surgical lights

Tekno-Medical surgical lights are all equipped with the trend-setting LED technology. All lights are dimmable and can thus meet all requirements. The luminaires can be combined in almost any combination, optionally cameras and monitors are available as system components.
With the new Atria 5 series the user now has the possibility to set the color temperature in the range of 3700 ° K to 4700 ° K. This feature enables the surgeon to better and faster identify tissue type and wound field structure.

Examination lights

For diagnosis and small interventions Tekno-Medical offers LED lights. The lights can be used stationary or mobile and have the same technical equipment as the TEKNO ® surgical lights.

RF devices

RF devices

Devices for high-frequency surgery have become indispensable in everyday hospital routine. These devices are also playing an increasingly important role in the field of general practitioners.
Tekno-Medical's extensive range includes devices of different performance classes for all medical requirements. All Tekno-Medical HF devices can be adjusted exactly to the respective requirements in the OR. Inserts in the TUR, vessel sealing and the optional equipment with argon pumps are among the obvious features of TEKNO ® HF devices.

Argon Beamer-integrated in HF device

Tekno-Medical offers several RF devices with an integrated argon beamer. The symbiosis with the HF generator ensures optimal interaction between the two systems.

Bipolar instruments

The application of high-frequency current in clinic and practice can be regarded as a milestone of modern surgery. The safest and most gentle method is the use of bipolar technology, in which the current flow is limited only to the area between the instrument tips and thus can not affect other tissue parts.



Sterilization and storage of surgical instruments in suitable containers provides the best possible protection for the high-quality instruments and devices. Tekno-Medical containers are available to the user in all common sizes, shapes and materials. Tekno-Medical can offer containers with filters or valves. Additional protective covers increase the safety of the sterilized goods.


The success of cleaning and sterilizing instruments also depends on their storage and positioning in the container. Tekno-Medical sieve bowls, suitable for all TEKNO ® containers, offer protection, order and clarity during sterilization and removal in the OR.

Other accessories

The container program of Tekno-Medical also includes a comprehensive selection of matching accessories. All containers can be individually marked and designed for each application.


Dental instruments

In Tekno-Medical's dental segment, users will find a wide range of instruments with different ergonomic handles and optimized working ends.

RF devices

For the dental sector, Tekno-Medical offers an RF device specially designed for this purpose and adapted to the needs of the market.


Veterinary instruments

In addition to specialty instruments for large animals, practitioners and clinicians at Tekno-Medical will find instruments for unlimited use in veterinary medicine.


Ophthalmology Instrumentarium

Tekno-Medical has a range of instruments that are manufactured with the utmost care, especially for this area.

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